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What Our Clients Say

Exceeding Expectations. Remarkable Results.

“It has truly been a pleasure working with Rhonda for the past year. Never have I seen anyone jump into a role and establish themselves across a large company as quickly as Rhonda did upon her arrival at Ascend. Within a matter of weeks, she was known throughout the company as a high-energy, positive colleague who tackles new projects with passion, and who also is also extremely effective at getting stalled projects moving again. Always willing to take on new tasks and adept at several different skill sets (sales, marketing, and product development), Rhonda quickly became an integral member of the team. Rhonda is the kind of employee who, once inside an organization, has managers fighting over her talents. Finally, Rhonda is unique in her ability to keep her colleagues motivated in a very positive way, even in difficult or stressful situations…someone you look forward to seeing at work every day.”

“I had the pleasure of working with Rhonda on a major product redesign. 

Rhonda effectively and efficiently managed a large-scale project with internationally distributed resources; she demonstrated a real team building attitude and displayed true leadership. Her commitment to the success of the project was evident in her diligence and her openness to learning about new skills and approaches that would yield the best results. 

I look forward to working with her again.”

“Working with Rhonda on a large product development project over the last 6 months or so has been a pleasure. Rhonda is always eager to see how the design of the product is coming together. She is a true professional, respectful of the UX team, and is always listening and working to understand what is best for the user. Her positive attitude and enthusiasm makes every meeting a joy for those involved and her determination to follow and respect a user centered design approach will be a great benefit to the company, but especially to the end user. I would highly recommend Rhonda to lead any product redesign.”

“I consider myself extremely fortunate to work with Rhonda. While her product management skills are stellar, those skills alone are not what made Rhonda exceptional-- it is her understanding of the business objectives and ability to influence all levels of the organization. She is personable with extraordinarily effective communication skills that make working with her, and any team she is on, a joy.”

“I have had the opportunity to work with Rhonda for a year in her role. In that time, I have been impressed with her dedication to excellence and professionalism. Her attention to detail and organizational ability are valuable strengths. She is a collaborator, able to understand business objectives and drive toward solutions. She is a team player with strong communication skills who would be an asset to any organization.”