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Meet Rhonda Kitabjian, President

Over the course of Rhonda’s career she has been in charge of leadership alignment, numerous department restructures, product launches and is also a noted expert in product management. Her skills in end-to-end oversight in this area have come from years of experience where she has refined her abilities to the point where she can accomplish significant financial growth for any company.

In each position Rhonda has held, she has found new ways to boost company revenue and support ambitious organizational goals. Rhonda always finds innovative ways of approaching and aligning leadership, developing cross functional teams and implementing product management in an agile fashion. The results have been millions of dollars in additional revenue for the companies she represents. This is accomplished through a combination of proven methods that are utilized in order to increase revenue and decrease costs across the organization.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide inspiration for leaders who desire to expand their sphere of influence throughout
the company.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to generate a positive financial outcome within any organization by inspiring and strengthening leadership to utilize their unique characteristics, proficiencies and aspirations.

Read President & Author Rhonda Kitabjian's New Book

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