Case Studies of Selected Projects

Rhonda Kitabjian, President of Royal Business Consulting, has had the privilege of bringing her keen insight and consulting flair to the table for the following list of selected projects.

Visionary Leadership

Project Goal: Corporate Clarity of Leadership Vision
Project Description: Coordinated with C-level Executives to develop go-to-market plans, partnering strategies, product positioning, white papers, product briefs, sales training, and competitive analysis initiatives.

Solution Implemented: Re-Designed Mission/Vision, retired products/services, and motivational companywide meetings on new products/services offered.
Outcome: Increased revenue by 8% 

Web Portal Development

Project Goal: Increase Customer Retention
Project Description: Lead focus groups, developed personas and designed an online community of consumers to directly influence and build foundations for next generation of products, platform and SaaS software features.

Solution Implemented: Gain user data that will serve to improve experience from Healthcare customers. Customer focus groups and conferences designed to gain customer feedback on website portal.
Outcome: Designed and Launched a New User Portal to retain current customers and gain 20% new customers.

Product Guideline

Project Goal: Streamlined Sales and Marketing Product Portfolio
Project Description: Streamlined sales structure and reduced confusion while increasing profit by launching company‚Äôs first Product Guideline which, among other benefits, improved pricing structure and provided sales and marketing with materials for increasing sales revenue by over 15%.

Solution Implemented: CRM strategy changes, marketing materials, win/loss analysis, company product/services guideline with pricing.
Outcome: Increased Overall revenue by 15%.