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Identifying, Implementing, Improving

Royal Business Consulting was founded in October, 2016. Our vision is to generate a positive financial outcome within any organization by inspiring and strengthening leadership to utilize their unique characteristics, proficiencies and aspirations. Bringing over 25 years' experience to the table, and delivering knowledge of past career successes, Royal Business Consulting understands how companies face unique challenges in seeing their business grow to its fullest potential.

Our approach is simple and effective. We work with clients to help set strategic direction, overcome communication barriers, and developing a leadership team focused on excellence. By combining these approaches, we've helped organizations increase revenue year after year which in turn revives financial prosperity into any organization.

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Why Choose Royal Business Consulting?

For more than 25 years, Rhonda Kitabjian not only developed products, services, and marketing materials that transformed Corporate America, but she shared the love of Jesus at every place of employment. Through the Holy Spirit’s prompting, Rhonda started her own consulting firm, where she could mentor Christians that were building their own businesses and para-church ministries. With each new client, she partners with the Holy Spirit to provide godly counsel where she responds to His leading creating strategies, policies, and practices that results in Kingdom prosperity. With spirit-filled guidance, persistent accountability and expert marketing advice, our clients are changing the business world for Christ!

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Our MIssion

We uncover the true potential of Christian leaders, providing godly business counsel and Holy Spirit guidance that transforms organizations.

Our Vision

We believe that every Christian entrepreneur is destined to prosper.

God Is Calling You To A Higher Purpose

Our Christian business mentor will partner with the Holy Spirit to discover your unique calling, unlock your true potential, and transform your business or ministry.


Rhonda is an author, entrepreneur, and evangelist who has established herself as a Christian business mentor. Over the course of her career, she has played a key role in leadership alignment, brand development, product launches, and end-to-end marketing for many organizations. As the president of Royal Business Consulting, Rhonda brings her business acumen and Christian biblical conviction to every coaching session, providing Holy Spirit guidance which leads clients to personal and professional victory.

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