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Cultivate Your Business with Inspiration and Focus. 

Rhonda's New Book is Here!

God on the Move, Ignite Your Faith with a Cloud by Day & Fire by Night!

God on the Move by Rhonda Kitabjian reveals how to embrace the move of God in this season. In each chapter, readers will discover God’s instructions to His people over the course of history. This revelation will enable people to take action now, giving them hope for the future in accordance with their destiny. 

Rhonda Kitabjian on the 1onOne Show

On this show the President of Royal Business Consulting, Rhonda Kitabjian, shares spiritual insight and guidance into sharing the love and nature of Christ by understanding what the finished work of Jesus has accomplished in your life.

Discover Your True Potential!

Royal Business Consulting imparts wisdom, simple strategies and laser focus for you to change the world for Christ through your business!

A Unique Consulting Approach for Exceptional Leaders 

We provide godly counsel to entrepreneurs discerning each strategy tailor made by God to transform your organization. Therefore, if you are ready to build a successful business or ministry, Royal Business Consulting will uncover your true potential, execute in your vision, and assist you in fulfilling God’s plans for your business.

Our MIssion

We uncover the true potential of Christian leaders, providing godly business counsel and Holy Spirit guidance that transforms organizations.

Our Vision

We believe that every Christian entrepreneur is destined to prosper.

God Is Calling You To A Higher Purpose

Our Christian business mentor will partner with the Holy Spirit to discover your unique calling, unlock your true potential, and transform your business or ministry.


“Royal Business Consulting was essential in my journey in finding my next life step for my business. I started my journey wanting marketing help, and in fact found through working with Rhonda a much different path that I believe will suit me much better than my original intent.

  Rhonda was there for me every step of the way. The materials and phone calls she provided were both professional and essential in helping me to discover who I was as a person and what steps I needed to take in order to get me to the next step. Her calls were timely, and she was able to adapt her methods to working with me as an individual-sole business proprietor.  

  I would recommend Royal Business Consulting to anyone or any business that wants to know its true potential, how to get to their next step, and even push through to the assignment they are to fulfill. Rhonda’s consideration, professionalism and experience are an asset that will change one’s life and business model.” 

“Royal Business Consulting has helped me go far beyond my comfort zone to inspire me to expand upon what I am called to do in the Kingdom. This has truly been a blessing in launching me to what and where the Lord has called me in this season. Whenever I felt stuck or weak, Rhonda was able to step in and partner with me and bring out my strengths! The support has been wonderful. I am not really one that articulates well or can expand my thoughts, however, Rhonda has been a blessing loving me where I am at and helping me step further in expanding myself. It felt painful at times, but Rhonda did an amazing job at staying in tune with the Holy Spirit and helping me walk out what needed to be walked out in order to step into the fullness of my calling. Rhonda was super encouraging, and I absolutely recommend Royal Business Consulting to anyone who needs to fine tune or readjust your branding, mission, vision, values and goals for your ministry or business. So many benefits will come from this time with Rhonda and being part of Royal Business that will just blow you away!”

“Royal Business Consulting has been such a blessing to work with. Rhonda Kitabjian is anointed to expand the vision of her clients, helping them focus one task at a time, which makes their process to their mission achievable.

By truly desiring to know her client and focusing on the mission of success, she brought much encouragement and support to me through her feedback and wise counsel. I was able to overcome what was preventing me from acceleration. I believe having a coach who supports the mission given by God to fulfill one’s call is invaluable. I recommend those that are serious in fulfilling their dreams and mandate to utilize the services Royal Business Consulting offers, because not only is Rhonda Kitabjian proficient in marketing and business counsel, but she is led by God and His wisdom. Not only did I gain insight, but I gained a friend. I will refer leaders who are ready to make things happen to her company, so that they too can see growth, acceleration, and their true potential. Thank you so much Royal Business Consulting!”


God Is Calling You To A Higher Purpose!

Our Christian business mentor will partner with the Holy Spirit to discover your unique calling, unlock your true potential, and transform your ministry.


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