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Rhonda Kitabjian on the 1onOne Show

On this show the President of Royal Business Consulting, Rhonda Kitabjian, shares spiritual insight and guidance into sharing the love and nature of Christ by understanding what the finished work of Jesus has accomplished in your life.

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A Unique Consulting Approach for Exceptional Leaders 

Royal Business Consulting exists to increase your business’s economic potential. Using a holistic business strategy, Royal Business Consulting thoroughly assesses leadership, products, processes and policies. Our goal is to ensure every aspect of your business is profitable by tailoring specific methods that will increase your financial profit in all areas of your company. 

Mission Statement

Our mission is to uncover the true potential in a company by inspiring leaders to step into their destiny. 

Vision Statement

Our vision is to generate a positive financial outcome within any organization by inspiring and strengthening leadership to utilize their unique characteristics, proficiencies and aspirations.


Consulting Solutions with Measurable Results.

“I had the pleasure of working with Rhonda during a time of company, product, and healthcare industry transformation. During this time, Rhonda was able to evaluate the current product offering, predict future customer demands, evaluate competitive threats, and apply an agile methodology to launch multiple products and integrated offerings (e.g., text, live caller) in order to support sales and revenue goals. Simultaneously, Rhonda collaborated across disciplines - sales, marketing, and engineering - to build systems and guidelines that had a direct influence on the Company's ability to exceed year-over-year revenue goals by more than 15 percent. In addition, these new systems and guidelines improved the Company's use of salesforce, NetSuite, and other technical investments. I give Rhonda my highest recommendation to anyone seeking to transform their product and/or business strategies and initiatives.”

“Rhonda was a key player in creating a strong product management process and organization at Eliza. Our company was in the process of developing a new business strategy. Before that time, our business strategy was opportunistic and technology driven. Rhonda worked with the executive team to create a strong product management process that our company needed to execute its new business strategy. She quickly identified our organization and product development process gaps and presented a plan for closing these gaps to the executive team. Rhonda got the mandate to work closely with marketing to define the products and services called for in the new business strategy. Working closely with the development team, she created a product development roadmap. Rhonda's product management organization then provided guidance and direction for the agile development process to implement the products and services specified on the product roadmap.”


Who are we and what do we do?

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